Jennifer Huang, evolving being

Pardon the dust, this website is under construction and might not have full functionality. I’m learning how to make my website accessible.

I’m a human being, evolving, and a Core Energetics somatic practitioner based in Los Angeles, built on the land of the Tongva and Chumash.

My practice is currently at capacity, so I’m not accepting new clients.

Returning clients who’ve worked with me at least 12 months are welcome back.

If you’re regularly in the Los Angeles area and would like to work in person, please consider reaching out to other practitioners who have received similar training and see if they might be a fit for you:

  • Cathy Johnson, Santa Monica Airport, individuals and groups. She doesn’t have a website but she’s very experienced, grounded, and holds deep work. (310) 720-8233. Prefers call or text.
  • Liam Blume, Westchester (near LAX), individuals and couples. Experience with addiction, trauma, relationships, and children. 

If you’re not in Los Angeles, other Core Energetics practitioners across the United States (and 1 in Spain) can be found on the Core Energetics practitioner directory listing on the New York Institute’s website.

Stay Connected

At the moment, I’m sporadic in general communications. When I have something to share, I’ll inform people who have signed up for my newsletter:


Core Energetics and the field of somatics are not licensed by the state of California, and treatments are alternative and/or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state of California. I am not a licensed physician nor a licensed mental health practitioner, and I practice under California’s Senate Bill No. 577 for complementary and alternative health practitioners. I follow the Code of Ethics of the United States Association of Body Psychotherapy, which has been adopted by my training/certifying organization The Institute of Core Energetics.