Jennifer Huang, evolving being

Pardon the dust, this website is under construction and might not have full functionality. I’m learning how to make my website accessible.

I’m a Core Energetics somatic practitioner based in Los Angeles, built on the land of the Tongva and Chumash.

Core Energetics Practice

The heart of my practice is individual sessions, on a weekly or every other week basis. The process of transforming deeply rooted patterns is supported by consistency and growing trust – in both yourself and whoever you invite to support you.

I see clients in the US via videoconference. As Los Angeles opens up, I’m experimenting with alternating in-person and online sessions for locals.

In person sessions are currently in Echo Park or Westchester (near LAX airport). All sessions are by appointment only.

This is an expression-welcoming support container to explore and integrate mind, body, spirit, feelings, and purpose. To own your desires and what you want to live into, and to rumble wholeheartedly with what gets in the way. To make sense of and accept the sorrows and gifts of lineage and history, and know more of your exquisite wholeness.

If you’re curious if Core Energetic sessions would support you, please contact me to set up a 30-45 minute consult call:

  • Email:, or
  • Phone: (424) 835-1382.

(Please no commercial inquiries.)

Stay Connected

At the moment, I’m rather sporadic in general communications, but when I have something to share, you’ll find out here:


Core Energetics and the field of somatics are not licensed by the state of California, and treatments are alternative and/or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state of California. I am not a licensed physician nor a licensed mental health practitioner, and I practice under California’s Senate Bill No. 577 for complementary and alternative health practitioners. I follow the Code of Ethics of the United States Association of Body Psychotherapy, which has been adopted by my training/certifying organization The Institute of Core Energetics.