And the day came
when the risk to remain

tight in a bud

was more painful
than the risk it took to


Anaïs Nin


Thank you for visiting! 

If you’re here, you might harbor a desire to blossom, to shine, and to bring your gifts out into this world.

You may have encountered some spurts of your own brilliance and potential, but found them difficult to sustain.

You may harbor a secret desire that you haven’t been able to breathe a word of to your friends, family, and colleagues because they won’t understand and won’t be able to support you in your exploration.

You might have a brilliant dream that would really make a difference in the communities you participate in, or even the world, and yet you haven’t been able to take major actions towards bringing it into reality.

Or you might be in the process in bringing things into reality, and as you make progress, your self-sabotaging behaviors emerge and threaten your progress.

Or you might have the perfect life – job, house, partner, vacations, car – and should be happy … but there’s something missing.

You have a sense of what is possible if you had the right support, but you aren’t quite sure what that is. And you might have already tried a lot of things.

Hi! My name is
Jennifer Huang!

I would love to help you blossom your gifts into this world.

Our world needs your gifts, heart, passion, creativity, wisdom, witness, groundedness, presence, and humanity.

I believe that to transform our world, we ourselves must first

embody the change

we want to see in this world.

So, what holds you back from embodying your gifts more fully?

Are there stories or unconscious beliefs holding you back?

Do external circumstances keep getting in the way?

Or maybe you make progress, and then self-sabotage?

Do you need some help exploring and confronting "that stuff"?

What if I told you that the feelings in your body and the energy of your emotions could be transformed into fuel for your creativity?

I would love to show you how.

I'm a supervised practitioner-in-training of Core Energetics.

It's a self-discovery and education process that includes feelings, energy flow, spirituality, and the wisdom of your own body and Higher Self.

It's also got some profound and powerful approaches to addressing "that stuff."

I'd love to introduce you to this work, and help you unleash your gifts.

Shall We?

We do not need magic to

transform our world.

We carry all the power we need

inside ourselves already.

J.K. Rowling


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