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APRIL 2017

Dear Friends,

I hope this  finds you healthy and happy.

I’m so excited to begin sharing Radical Aliveness as a supervised student-practitioner.  The work evolves Core Energetics, a mind-body-spirit healing and self-education process that engages the wisdom and feelings of the body as fuel for transformation and creativity. Radical Aliveness adds valuable perspectives for embodied leadership and engaging conflict in our increasingly complex world.

I began this work 5 years ago, and it has supported me to transition from a laid off corporate cog too afraid and exhausted to do what was meaningful to me, into a life filled with meaning, curiosity, joy, and aliveness.

Over the past few years, I did what seemed impossible for me when I feared I would be forever chained to a 9a-7p corporate job. Instead, I found the courage to reprioritize my life, follow my curiosity, travel solo, study systems of bioenergy and mind with teachers in India, USA, and Germany, assist workshops at a business school in Mexico, and return to Taiwan for the first time in almost 30 years to reconnect with extended family and celebrate my grandmother’s life.

This year, I designed and co-led my first RA workshop for GIRLSCHOOL, a music collective in celebration of women musicians in rock. Currently I am preparing my student project: an empowerment circle blending RA, coaching, and practices to support women as they step into greater roles in our communities, locally and globally. (Want to know more? Here’s my Manifesto, and more to come.)

After 17 years of personal development and trying so many things, I finally found the keys to unlocking my potential and grounding sustainably in my purpose through Radical Aliveness and Core Energetics, and I am so excited to begin sharing this powerful work with the world.

Here’s where I need help:

1) I’m looking for referrals for one-on-one clients to begin practicing  while I’m still a student and have direct access to incredible teachers and thought leaders from around the world. At the moment, I seek to work primarily with women at this point, and here are examples of who might be a good fit:

  • actors, musicians, and other artists working through blockages and looking for their flow
  • visionary thinkers who have a hard time bringing ideas into manifestation
  • daughters and sons of immigrants finding their way through two different cultures
  • introverts who are energetically drained from relationships, work, and family
  • recovering love addicts
  • women breaking up with jobs or romantic partners, or navigating other transitions

Clients can work with me in-person in the Los Angeles area (Santa Monica or Westchester) or for those based elsewhere, through Zoom or Skype. For new clients through September 2017: rates are $38/session for the first 3 sessions; thereafter, $68/session. Sessions are 1 hour long, and an interview is required.

Note: while strong emotional releases may be experienced, this work is not therapy. 

Curious to learn more about Radical Aliveness? Check out this video about the school, the trailer to a docuseries about Radical Aliveness, or the school website.

If this feels like a fit (and we’re not already dear friends or otherwise in community together), I’d love to explore the possibility of working together. Click here to schedule a free 30-minute call for us to talk about what you might need help with.

If we aren’t a fit, I would be grateful if you would share this with anyone you know who might benefit from this work.

2) I would also love to create a practice on the Eastside (i.e., Silver Lake, Echo Park, Highland Park, Lincoln Heights, Eagle Rock, Atwater Village).

If you know about soundproofed places I can rent on an hourly basis (the work can get loud) and have available afternoons and evenings, I would be so grateful if you would share those leads with me.

I really appreciate you all being a part of my journey. And if we haven’t spoken recently, I’d love to hear what’s on your heart and mind, and what you’re celebrating in your life.

With love, gratitude, passion, and excitement,