The Wisdom of Your Feelings

Saturday, JANUARY 18, 2020 at 1pm
at Jupiter Soundscape

EVENT description

Connect with feelings in your own body to reveal a wellspring of wisdom in this experiential introduction to Core Energetics, a powerful and profound way of integrating mind, body, spirit, feelings, and will.

What is your relationship with YOUR FEELINGS? 

For many of us, our emotions are like *those* eccentric family members that no one talks about. Those uncomfortable sensations with accompanying thoughts that we think we’ve locked so far down, and yet they escape and pop their heads up at the most inopportune times. Or come out sideways swinging at people we love, or ourselves.

We’ve cultivated these habits of holding in our feelings because living in community – society, culture, workplaces, and family – requires us to have awareness of our impact on others. For example, if our rageaholic sides were running rampant, we’d be living in a very unsafe society that would cause harm to ourselves and others. So at times, there is a necessity for holding in the raw energy of emotions. 

… And yet, not having safe spaces to explore our emotions may create holding that over time, can create tension and stress in our thinking and our bodies, strain our relationships, limit our aliveness, and block our flow and joy.

In Core Energetics, we come together to explore feelings – not just for catharsis, but also to bring awareness and develop relationships with parts of ourselves that want to stay hidden and constrain our life force energy. 

With this Core Energetics introduction workshop, your facilitator Jennifer Huang looks forward to supporting you where you are right now in your own process of personal transformation. 

Jennifer also offers 1-on-1 Core Energetics sessions at Jupiter Soundscape. Over time, with ongoing Core Energetics work, she can help you to embrace your wholeness and grow your relationship with your own north star, the exquisite Core of who you are. 


Bring yourself, a friend, curiosity, openness, and if you desire, a topic that you are facing out in real life that you would love some support in exploring.

Dress comfortably for movement. The workshop is more active and participatory, however you may also wish to bring a journal to record reflections after the workshop.


  • Mind-body awareness exercises
  • Movement
  • Inquiry
  • Self-awareness
  • Expressive work (through our voices and bodies) – which may include exercises such as screaming, punching into a pillow or foam cube, stomping
  • Paired and group exercises, and some individual work as time allows
  • Engagement of the shadow (called the Lower Self in Core Energetics) if it shows up
  • Release of old stories and emotions
  • Feelings – crying, sadness, anger, rage, joy, grief,  pleasure – they’re all welcome
  • Vulnerability and intimacy (and the strength they offers)
  • New possibilities
  • Creative flow
  • Joy
  • Love
  • Connection
  • Deeper levels of self-love and self-acceptance

Note: In the expressive work, sometimes strong language and emotions/energy may emerge. Jennifer does not constrain that expression, so if you are sensitive to strong language and raw emotions or strong energy (such as anger, sadness, joy, or pleasure), this may not be the right introduction to Core Energetics for you and you may wish to consider starting with 1-on-1 sessions. 

Also, all exercises are suggestions, and you are always welcome to opt-out if they don’t feel right for you to participate. 

(If you are new to Jupiter Soundscape, you will also need to sign the studio’s release to attend.) 

Price is $25, preregister with Jupiter Soundscape here.

If you have any questions about Core Energetics and if this work would be right for you, please email Jennifer at

Disclaimer: Core Energetics are not licensed in the state of California, and treatments are alternative and/or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state of California. Jennifer Huang is not a licensed physician nor a mental health practitioner, and practices under CA SB 577 for complementary and alternative health practitioners.

Your facilitator

Jennifer Huang

Jennifer Huang (she/her) is a certified practitioner of the Core Energetics evolutionary process, and helps people reconnect with themselves, their purpose and aliveness through Core Energetics.

event location

JUPITER SOUNDSCAPE is a yoga & wellness studio located at: 

18756 Amar Rd., Walnut, CA 91789

A parking lot is available.


questions or concerns?

Contact Jennifer about this event at