GRACE is … (2016)

I recently discovered Tony Anderson and have been mesmerized by his music, and Grace has inspired this:

GRACE is …

… those rare moments when the thoughts just drop and I just become aware of being breathed and the brilliance of the practice making love to and through me from within.

… the Universe giving a new pose and recognizing that all the hard work and training done allows me to step up, take the opportunity, and embrace the challenge.

… the right spiritual journeywomen, friends, teachers, guides, mentors, and family in 7 different countries supporting my metamorphosis and re-emergence, and the technology that keeps us connected.

… the Universe giving me love notes when I’m on the verge of giving in, including a soul sister who rocks her sobriety and is committed to working deeply, the exquisitely articulated wisdom from wise souls of today and throughout time, celebrating the 80th birthday of the mystic who first set me over a decade ago, Divine Feminine, and Radical Aliveness.

… not planning to travel this year but finding myself in 3 different countries on 3 continents, twice to assist workshops in lineages I’ll take out into the world, and once to reunite my own opened heart and mind with extended family I’ve avoided for almost 20 years.

… and learning that my extended family has been praying for me and my return to the motherland so that we may know each other.

… belonging… to myself. to my family. to my communities. to this country. to this world. to the Divine. to myself.

… the opportunity to learn and practice.

… sharing my lineages and witnessing their profound effects to help and support healing in others.

… trusting and saying YES to the process, especially if it means engaging my own darkness.

… having reasons to write many thank you notes.

… when I now trust myself and my core more than the crutches I’ve used.



… sitting in the fire of complexity and appreciating the perfection of its challenges and opportunities.

… the one who has slayed me up the revolution also provides the warm nest and enables healing.

… surrendering to the pain and also feeling held by the earth and kissed by the heavens this whole time, and discovering myself becoming the beauty, strength, and resilience I’ve longed for my whole life.

… finding myself living some answers into a life I only dreamt about 12 years ago, through Grace.

Thank you Grace.

Thank you 2016, for the opportunities, learning, and practice.

ॐ शान्तिः

DECEMBER 31, 2016

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